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About Us

Mr. Weerachai Nolwachai
E-mail: weerachai@fda.moph.go.th
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In 1972, the Thai Food and Drug Administration (Thai FDA) was originally named ‘The Thai Food and Drug Control Division’, which was under the supervision of the Office of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health and was subsequently transferred to be under the administration of the Department of Public Health Promotion (formerly the Department of Health).

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“ Corporate Excellence in the Development of Consumer Awareness on Health Product for Promoting Self-Reliability.”


1. To develop consumer awareness for safely selecting and consuming health products.
2. Strengthen and sustain the potential consumer network.
3. To develop the working system with efficiency, flexibility, modern and social acceptability.

Duties and Responsibilities

1.To develop consumer behavior for selecting and consuming health products safely.
Including, promoting consumer awareness for consumer protection and rights.
2.To promote consumer awareness on health product consumption via media and activities.
3. To develop the information service system to be attractive, accessible, up-to-date, convenient and fast.
4. To develop the potential consumer protection network and create engaging people in the network.
5. To develop consumer awareness and consumer protection system .
6. Co-working and/or supporting other involved agencies or as duty assigned.


Organization Structure

The Public Consumer Affairs Divisionhas currently divided its organizational management into five major corporate tasks with one administrative detailed as follows:

  1. Corporate Affairs Sub-Division
  2. Consumer Behavior Development Sub-Division
  3. Network Development Sub-Division
  4. System Development Sub-Division
  5. Information Technology Sub-Division
  6. Administrative Section