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Oryor Quality Award
Public date 2009-10-01

The Thai Food and Drug Administration (Thai FDA) is a state-owned agency of Thailand responsible for protecting and promoting public health through the regulation and supervision of health products varying in food, pharmaceutical drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, hazardous household and public health-related products, and Thai community health products. The Thai FDA has developed effective supervision and monitoring processes, both before and after the availability of certain products in the markets, as part of the goal to provide consumers with the highest quality and safety of each health product certified with international public health standards. One of the most significant requirements is encouraging all business enterprises to improve their manufacturing facilities and standards to fully comply with law. For the greatest benefit of consumers, all health-related products are expected to possess both quality and safety and must be free from all types of contaminants. Meanwhile, significant detailed information about the products must be displayed on their labels, while product advertising should necessarily be developed based on the principles of business ethics and social responsibility.   


  1. To promote and enhance the potential of health product enterprises that develop efficient manufacturing processes based on good corporate governance, business ethics, and social responsibility.
  2. To honor outstanding health product entrepreneurs with effective consumer-focused strategies.
  3. To foster continuing business collaboration and greater awareness of social responsibility to ensure that consumers are always offered quality health products certified to international public health standards.     

Target Group

The target group is health product manufacturers.

Project Implementation Details

The Thai FDA organized its ethics promotion project for health product enterprises for the first time in 2009, aiming to honor and encourage entrepreneurs of health-related products to raise their awareness of efficient business implementation, while stimulating them to pay closer attention to manufacturing and distributing quality health products complying with international public health standards. Additionally, honored enterprises served as role models for other related entrepreneurs to emulate. The Oryor Quality Award was presented to outstanding enterprises with good corporate governance, business ethics, and social responsibility.


In 2009, there 22 winners were honored based on the following five assessment principles. 

  1. Manufacturing of quality health products complying with international standards varying in GMP, HACCP, and ISO.
  2. Consistent development and maintenance of quality production standards. 
  3. Reputation of manufactured products, being well-known to consumers at large.
  4. Engagement of good entrepreneurship based on lawful business practices and ethical promotional strategies.
  5. Commitment of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), such as providing knowledge for consumers, expressing greater awareness of the environment and natural resources, and supporting social development activities.


There were 22 winners. As the assessment principles were raised from five to six, the winners were still eligible to win this honorable award again this year.


The Thai FDA remained firm in maintaining the six assessment principles, but the qualifications required for honored entrepreneurs were revised. The Thai FDA had determined to reserve the right not to grant the Oryor Quality Award to any entrepreneur from a certain business industry that was previously honored with the award for three consecutive years. However, after a two-year period later, the honored entrepreneur of the certain business industry would be able to take part in the competition again, unless the honored entrepreneur had joined another different business industry. With the continuation of six assessment principles, there were 36 award winners honored in 2011, while another 32 and 30 outstanding entrepreneurs were awarded in 2012 and 2013, respectively. 


This year, the Thai FDA introduced two to four more awards for the local health product category, targeted to be presented to outstanding entrepreneurs from four different regions in the country. In particular, 12 honorable awards were presented to 12 public health service providers in the year, which amounted to 40 award winners in total.   


As the 3 years continually-awarded entrepreneurs were eligible to rejoin the competition, there were 49 award winners honored in the year.  


The Thai FDA agreed to introduce a brand-new award to be presented to excellent entrepreneurs with multi-health product manufacturing. Consequently, in 2016, there were 51 award winners altogether.