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Think Before Taking Medicine
Public date 2013-05-31

Think Before Taking Medicine

Admittedly, pharmaceutical drugs, both traditional and modern formulas, are considered one of the four basic factors that are greatly important to human lives.However, several medicine-related problems still exist nowadays. Problems vary in the manufacturing of counterfeit medicines, unauthorized selling of medicines, inaccurate medical treatments, unreasonable application of medicines, and exaggerated advertisements of medicinal products.As such problems become more serious, effective solutions are required to be developed in an urgent manner. It is greatly necessary to provide clear understanding for consumers as such problems can truly become the severest life-threatening factors or the danger of existing diseases can be intensified. As a result, there is no way to escape extremely high medical bills and, definitely, this can be worse if consumers are still not offered good knowledge and clear understanding to avoid such problems. Consequently, the ‘Think Before Taking Medicine’ project has been initiated since the fiscal year 2015, with the purpose of providing consumers with further knowledge and understanding towards the correct use of pharmaceutical drugs, while at the same time fostering greater awareness of the hazardous effects resulting from the misuse of medicines. The project was also launched to promote good health and reduce abnormal health conditions for consumers, making Thailand a country of fully healthy people.

Project Implementation

As the ‘Think Before Taking Medicine’ project has been launched to encourage consumers to gain further knowledge and understanding towards the correct use and application of pharmaceutical drugs, related ideas and activities have strategically been promoted via several communication channels, including television, radio, newspapers, leaflets, posters, and social networks. Promotional campaigns will be introduced to targeted consumers living in various communal areas, which can be different each year.  

In the fiscal year 2015, considered the year that the project officially began, the Thai FDA discovered that the severest medicine-related problem that kept affecting Thai people for a long period of time was the inappropriate use of steroid. Consumers were strongly encouraged to avoid using steroid backed by the introduction of a truthful and straightforward slogan ‘Misuse of Steroid Can Ruin Your Life’, as it can have very bad effects on the human body. The project was implemented with the following requirements:

  • Held events in northern and northeastern provinces.
  • Released news via several TV channels.
  • Tied-in campaigns via several TV programs.
  • Created and publicized TV spots
  • Published campaign leaflets, posters, and brochures.

Meanwhile, in the fiscal year 2016, the Thai FDA has determined to promote a campaign on the reasonable use of medicines among teenagers and young students following the Think Before Taking Medicine under the theme ‘Better to be Safe than Sorry – Avoid Misusing Medicine’, which requires the following implementation methods:

  • Publicized ‘Viral Video’ via social media.
  • Organized a knowledge-based activity for primary and secondary schools under the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. 
  • Released public relations news via several TV channels.
  • Published campaign brochures.