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Oryor Animation
Public date 2016-10-10

Oryor Animation


Basically, animation is a fun and user-friendly source of information, which can conveniently and efficiently reach the target market at all levels, with low-cost production and uncomplicated narration. This innovative technology can ensure the 24-hour acquisition of information on quality healthcare products, which consumer protection benefits can be fostered according to Thai FDA’s objectives, while consumers are always expected to possess good knowledge on consumer protection and quality selection of healthcare products available in the market. As a result, the Public and Consumer Affairs Division determined to feature the Oryor Animation menu in, officially debuted on January 14, 2006.     

The Oryor Animation has been developed for entertainment purposes with the addition of knowledge-based information. Viewers can enjoy the Oryor Animation’s first series with five different comic stories.     

  1. Please Wash Your Hands. 
  2. The Jelly is Stuck in My Throat.     
  3. I Hate Being Fat.
  4. Why Am I Addicted to Sugar?
  5. The Benefits of Breast Milk.

The second series (2006-2009) unveiled a team of superheroes “Oryor Rangers and Oryor Angels” from the secret service agency, who rescue the victims of inferior healthcare products. This animated series was released in a total of 26 episodes.  

The third series (2011-2013) presented “Sir Prudent”, a well-rounded village headman with excellent knowledge on food and drugs, “Madam Aree”, a cute and clever female nurse who takes good care of everyone’s health, “Klae”, a young boy with excellent ideas who is cherished by people in his living community, and other generous villagers who make the memorable story begin.

The fourth series (2015) was about “The Finale of Hole Dwellers”, a tribe of mysterious people who live in an underground burrow at several hundred meters deep. ‘Hole dwellers’ always believe in anything without any justified reason, which considered as their real weakness; the story presented the main character “Somrak”, a prudent gentleman from the same secret service agency of the aforementioned superheroes, who always keep those illiterate people away from harm. Enlightened ‘hole dwellers’ will be offered a magic stick, a one-and-only secret item that will lead them to live on the ground, with the point of no return.             

In 2016, the latest animated series unveiled the story of “Uka-Baku”, reflecting the strange lives of Stone Age human beings who are affected by the problems of healthcare product consumption. This animation series has already been broadcasted.


1. To serve as a learning tool for knowledge development fostered to stimulate greater potentials for students and people in general based on the “Everybody, Everywhere, and Every Time” concept. 

  1. To create consistency in knowledge-sharing for the public aiming to minimize the problems of healthcare product consumption.     

Expected Benefits

  1. The consumers will be offered greater knowledge in selecting quality healthcare products and reducing problems of healthcare product consumption.
  2. The consumers can easily access to health information anywhere at any time.