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Social Media Monitoring
Public date 2016-10-12

Social Media Monitoring

The Thai Food and Drug Administration (ThaiFDA) is fully responsible for protecting the consumers, ensuring safer consumption of healthcare products, food, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics, psychotropic substances, and hazardous household materials.

Thai FDA also is responsible for regulating the manufacturing of the healthcare products prior to being placed on the market and monitoring post-market safety in order to keep the products complying with the regulatory laws.

However, due to the limitation of human resources, difficulty in monitoring healthcare products that are already available on the market, and complexity of marketing strategies developed by brand owners, ThaiFDA has determined to disseminate further knowledge and understanding on healthcare products via several well-developed communication channels, aiming to encourage consumers to obtain greater knowledge and clearer information towards safe and appropriate consumption of healthcare products.  

To increase the effectiveness of knowledge-sharing through social media, the Public and Consumer Affairs Division has developed the Social Media Monitoring project serving as a tool to inspect and evaluate the advertising of healthcare products , which are available on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. The project also helps facilitate other operational processes, particularly the Online Reputation Management (ORM).

In fact, the ORM has been developed to present viewers’ comments and feedback online. This service is provided by ThaiFDA to solicit information from the public on very current topics. The ORM also allows viewers to search the Consumer Generated Content, which they are freely expressing opinions and creating comments towards a particular subject related to the organization’s reputation.

The Social Media Monitoring is considered a collection of useful online information, which classified in groups and can be viewed by entering a keyword. It helps ease the preparation of reports and production of statistics, particularly in monitoring illegal advertising campaigns.

In the fiscal year 2015, the Public and Consumer Affairs Division had developed the Social Media Monitoring project to promote the effectiveness of online communication channels, reflecting the modern technology and advanced development of information sharing. It is necessary to promote the achievement of the project in a consistent manner in order to bring about greater benefits to the public as a whole. ThaiFDA has specifically selected highly experienced online business providers to make this project achievable, with significant topics focusing on corporate reputation, illegal or deceptive advertising, and updated information related to the organization.

Meanwhile, in the fiscal year 2016, the organization has continued to promote the progressive development of the project, allowing people to obtain further information from Facebook easily and quickly. As a new monitoring and assessment function is added to the Social Media Monitoring system, it can keep us informed whether monitored websites have automatically been banned or not. 


  1. To promote a new knowledge-sharing channel for healthcare products, in which the information can be viewed anywhere at any time.  
  2. To consistently provide further knowledge on healthcare products for the public while reducing the problems of inappropriate consumption of such products.

Expected Benefits

  1. Thai FDA can use the Social Media Monitoring system to monitor and evaluate the information of healthcare products available through various social media, aiming to ensure the safest and most beneficial consumption of such products for all consumers.    
  2. The consumers can easily access the information, ensuring that they will be offered greater knowledge and clearer understanding towards the issued healthcare product information.
  3. Accurate information on healthcare products can be searched anywhere at any time.