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Oryor Fanclub
Public date 2016-10-12

Oryor Fan Club

Admittedly, changing human behavior requires several key variables, for instance, time, experience, and training. It is necessary for a person to have desirable habits as well as develop strong stimuli to cope efficiently with behavioral changes. For this reason, motivating behavioral changes among small groups of people can lead to greater behavioral changes for the masses. Certainly, it can start by developing preference, reliability, and confidence, factors expected to foster social acceptance and personal obedience among people at large. As a result, the Thai Food and Drug Administration (Thai FDA) has determined to urge its targeted consumers to have a greater awareness of behavior-related problems and share their valuable experience of various kinds of human behavior. The knowledge gained from the study will be put into practice and disseminated to other people in society accordingly.

Initiated in 2016, the ‘On Tour for Or Yor Fan (Or Yor Fan Club) project aims to encourage the gathering of the Thai FDA followers, who are fully aware of the dangers of inferior products and cosmetics that are intentionally developed with exaggerated advertising campaigns. As these faithful fans can never fall victim to those deceptive advertisement-based products, they are selected as Thai FDA representatives to provide other consumers with accurate knowledge on desirable product consumption.

Project Implementation

The ‘On Tour for Or Yor Fan (Or Yor Fan Club)’ project has been launched to promote accurate knowledge on desirable consumption of quality products, while avoiding the use of illegally manufactured products with exaggerated advertising. The project was implemented with a road show activity designed to encourage consumers, particularly teenagers, not to be easily convinced by improper ads and overstated commercial campaigns. The requirements of the implementation are explained below:

  • Arrange a well-decorated minivan as a mobile communication channel to promote the campaign.
  • Organize a fun-filled activity to publicize the campaign in universities across Thailand.
  • Hold a private group meeting for Or Yor fans to discuss the progress of the project.
  • Promote a ‘Fan Meeting’ program to honor outstanding Thai FDA followers with an Or Yor Super Fan Club Award.