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Storytelling Street & Wall
Public date 2016-10-12

Storytelling Street & Wall

The Thai Food and Drug Administration (Thai FDA) has recognized the importance of its human resources as they are expected to lead the organization to success. The Public and Consumer Affairs Division has earnestly urged its manpower to work with pride and dignity, while enjoying life together in perfect harmony ensuring that all organizational missions can be achieved in the most effective and creative manner. Moreover, the Thai FDA has remained firm in being a significant part of society, able to push forward the development of consumer protection tasks. As the Thai FDA always keeps its personnel updated onthe information related to the organization, this can certainly foster an optimal work environment in the workplace appropriate for effective learning and harmonious teamwork. 

To increase efficiency in issuing updated information, the Public and Consumer Affairs Division has decided to display its advertising materials on the walls and along the walkways inside the organization. Known as the ‘Happy Street& Storytelling Wall’ project, this strategy can stimulate greater perception and memorization of the information for viewers as the selected locations are expected to be frequented by both the Thai FDA’s staff members and other authorized visitors. Consequently, all of those people can have greater knowledge and understanding of organizational roles and responsibilities characterized by the Thai FDA.   


  1. To disseminate Thai FDA-related information publicized at different times, while promoting managerial policies, project implementations, festive greetings, consumer complaint services, and other announcements related to the Thai FDA. 
  2. To encourage the Thai FDA’s staff members and outsiders to possess greater knowledge and understanding towards the Thai FDA’s organizational roles and responsibilities.
  3. To create a greater organizational image for the Thai FDA.

Target Group

1. The Thai FDA’s staff members.

2. Other staff members in the Ministry  of Public Health.

3. Authorized visitors visiting the Thai FDA.




    1. Happy Street        described as “Or Yor    Stories & Happy Street”


  • Arrange 12 exhibition boards on both sides of the corridor.
  • Provide important contents on the Thai FDA’s background, project implementations, festive greetings, customer complaint services, and other announcements related to the Thai FDA. 

The corridor linked to Building 4 and 5.

    2. Storytelling Wall

  • Apply wall stickers to promote updated news, information, knowledge, complaint filing channels, correct name of the organization (the Thai Food and Drug Administration, Thai FDA), and other appropriate contents through the corridor through the direction to the Department of Medical Services. 
  • Apply wall stickers to promote the Thai FDA’s services developed based on transparency, accountability, and convenience as well as other appropriate content on the wall in front of the One-Stop Health Product Service Center.
  1. Building’s wall along the corridor linked to the Medical Service Department.
  2. Building’s wall in front of the One Stop Service Center.