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Oryor Dot Com
Public date 2006-10-01

Oryor Dot Com


Under the management and supervision of the Thai Food and Drug Administration (ThaiFDA), the Public and Consumer Affairs Division officially introduced the website  in 2006; considered as a huge warehouse for healthcare product information. The website, developed in a multimedia form, has offered both knowledge-based facts and entertainment contents on food product consumption to consumers.

Admittedly, the Thai FDA’s previous website, known as “Tee Ded Kret Kwam Ru”, was not that popular among consumers due to its unfamiliar name and difficulty of memorization. It even caused unexpected issues when being browsed by a large number of viewers. Hence, the development of the new website could certainly ensure greater benefits for all visitors.

On January 14 of the same year, the website was updated with fun-filled topics related to consumer protection which presented the main theme, “The Secret Service of Superheroes” as detailed below:

  1. Oryor Animation
  2. The Origin of the Spy in Oryor Game Zone
  3. Oryor Theatre
  4. Oryor Station including Health Information in Oryor Cartoon
  5. Oryor News
  6. Oryor Info
  7. Oryor Materials

The most special topic was Oryor Animation, unveiling the introduction of the “O-R-Y-O-R operations” center supervised by the team of superheroes including an animated genius scientist “Dr. Chaleaw”, powerful warriors “Oryor Rangers and Oryor Angels”, and a programmable humanoid robot “Oryor 6”.

The cartoon characters were created to provide knowledge on smart choices of consumption, with five major subjects including:

1) Green Tea Fever

2) Exaggerated Product Advertising

3) Dangers of Diet Pills

4) Harm of Used Cooking Oil

5) Chemical Residues in Fresh Fruit and Vegetables.


Other entertaining topics included “Oryor Game Zone”, which provided new health knowledge through gaming, allowing a player to seek information from the website or other knowledgeable sources to answer the questions asked in the games.

Oryor Theatre and Oryor Station presented several documentary spots aired on the television and radio.

Oryor Cartoon revealed a collection of comic columns published in newspapers.

Similarly, Oryor News was also featured with FDA-related and public relations news.

Meanwhile, Oryor Info was developed to publicize research reports, media-based documentary presentations, and knowledge-focused document, while Oryor Material demonstrated various sets of advertising leaflets, posters, brochures, and journals related to Thai FDA.  

In 2013, as the website was introduced for a certain period of time, the website was thoroughly updated with the addition of new beneficial information and the revision of outdated details.  

In 2015, the website was also developed with a new look and information aiming to keep pace with the changing technology and data modernization.

In particular, it was advanced to support responsive use, harmonizing with the application of PCs, laptops, tablets, and even mobile phones of all types, which could guarantee faster and easier access to the website.   

Additionally, the website was upgraded to be reconciled with the Thai FDA’s newly introduced application “Oryor Smart Application” aiming to simplify written content and themes for easy memorization, while adding new informational menus to get along well with the advancement in technology and convenience of social networks, efficiently and appropriately.     


The objective of the website is to disseminate greater knowledge on healthcare products and benefits of smart consumption under the supervision and responsibility of ThaiFDA, while ensuring that all consumers are able to select quality healthcare products wisely, safely, and beneficially.

Expected Benefits

  1. The consumers will always be offered greater knowledge in selecting the safest and most beneficial healthcare products, while preventing inappropriate consumption of such products available on the market.    
  2. The consumers will be guaranteed with an easy access to health information anywhere at any time.